Dr. Lockwood "Prof K" Kilbury is a resident scholar at the University of Aldergate. He holds a Professorship at Gambrel College, and is consequently a Regent of the University. He had the honor and privilege of mentoring, instructing, and ruthlessly mocking the illustrious Adrian Ward during the latter's early days at Aldergate.

He's barely changed a bit in the past fifteen years. Grown a bit of a belly, and ought to see his tailor about it - but otherwise, still the same sarcastic, bushy-browed old gargoyle as ever he was.

The "Ultima Ratio" Edit

Kilbury's principle academic work centers around the so-called "Ultima Ratio" - the idea that all knowledge is fundamentally interconnected to such a degree that perfect knowledge of any single truth could, with the application of logic, reveal a full understanding of the entire universe. More a theoretical exercise than a practical one ... although there have been attempts...

Trivia Edit