MacNaughton College is the twentieth founded college of the University of Aldergate.

Macs are both decorative and functional. Your typical Mac is the closest thing there is to a well-rounded Aldergatian - less likely to give themselves over entirely to a single narrowly-defined obsession, and more likely to go outdoors once in a while.

That doesn't mean Macs are any less mad - or less brilliant - than their more monomaniacal fellows. Rather, they tend to live at the intersection of multiple disciplines, and to interest themselves in the breaking of conventionally accepted barriers. Which all sounds very brilliant and noble, until you consider that some barriers exist for a reason.

Notable alumni include the late Samantha Brayden.

History Edit

(Main article: The Far Four Colleges)

MacNaughton was the first (by a few minutes) of the Far Four colleges.

The College occupies the former MacNaughton city estate, donated for that purpose by Elizabeth MacNaughton on condition that the scholars care for her collection of pet foxes and their offspring. The thriving MacNaughton College Fox Sanctuary currently boasts some two-dozen healthy, thoroughly domesticated – beasts, and sponsors an annual “Fox Hunt” in the streets of Aldergate.

Architecture Edit

Most of the original MacNaughton buildings still stand. Pride of place (and the hub of the college) is MacNaughton House, a stately Elizabethan pile. The picture is of Wollaton Hall - squeeze it into an urban setting, and you've got MacNaughton House.