Silvan College is the fifteenth founded college of the University of Aldergate.

Silvanians have an easier time getting dates than academic acknowledgement - which I'm sure everyone agrees is unfair, especially to non-Silvanians.

History Edit

For all its accomplishments, Silvan will always be most celebrated for its looks. With all the grace and elegance of a chateau on the Loire, Silvan resembles a fairy-tale castle - and even non-Silvanians tend to romanticize the place. Paul von Hindenburg (who briefly attended Garton and Perse just across University Place and was a key voice in the agreement to put Aldergate off-limits during the Blitz) is famously quoted as saying:

“I know not whether damage to Silvan would be prevented by angels or punished by devils, and I do not intend to find out.” 

Architecture Edit

The college complex is distinct by its crowned cupolas and the delicate open double-helix spiral stair/walkways that connect the buildings.

The picture is of the Château de Blois. Lovely as it is, it hardly does justice.