The City of Aldergate is a town in Aldershire, England. Located at the confluence of the rivers Alder and Fay, Aldergate is the home of the University of Aldergate, which is the city's largest employer and which owns all of the land within Aldergate's historical boundaries.

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There is evidence of human settlement on the site of modern-day Aldergate dating back to the Paleolithic era. The city's current footprint was established in the 1100s, when the city walls were constructed and the city's unique legal status established.

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The Den of Buggery

Est. 1564, The DoB is the oldest active gay bar in the world. Located on South Queen's Parade just past Garton & Perse. Popular night spot and performance venue, does a vicious Sunday brunch.

The Five Keys Public House Edit

Located down the far end of Grope Lane, the Keys is a marvelous place to share a friendly argument over a pint of Beckle's Very Particular Old Faywater Stout.

Kebabylon Edit

Located on Lamp Street in the Student District, Kebabylon is the finest source of 24-hour take-out in the known universe. Try the falafel, live with the consequences.

The Lignam Arms Hotel Edit

The most proper of English hotels. Located on the north side of Museum Square, the Lignam features the Rhodes House, one of the finest and probably the most expensive restaurant in England. The Bloodletters Club occupies the hotel's club room, but does not acknowledge the hotel itself.

Maxwell’s Antiquarian Books & Curiosities Edit

Max's Ant - so called because that's the bit of the sign that's still visible when Max the Younger puts the shutters up - is located on Lamp Street in the Student District, close to the site formerly occupied by Hobson Mews. An ancient and mysterious establishment, it's always seemed more atmospheric than commercial; there are no recorded instances of anybody actually venturing into the shadowy old place with the intention of buying something.

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