The Wetherby Medical Complex is a dedicated clinical and research campus owned and operated by the University of Aldergate.

History Edit

Creation Edit

In the 1950s, Regent House finally bowed to two unavoidable realities: that the University needed a unified medical campus, and that there wasn't room for it inside the City of Aldergate. The Wetherby Medical Complex was built just outside the city walls to the northwest, just a two-minute stroll up Queen's Parade from Buckminster College.

La Gorgone Edit

The buildings that make up the Wetherby Medical Complex were designed by Le Corbusier, and they're simply awful. A raw concrete brutalist nightmare that has probably killed dozens of patients with its sheer bleakness. The complex was dubbed "La Gorgone" by its designer, who famously said of his creation that it “captures harmonies of proportion that delight the intellect but wound the eye … it is a machine for dying in.”

There is consensus among architectural scholars that La Gorgone represents an important and influential step in the progress of modern architecture. The nature of its influence is generally agreed to be that of a pitiable and terrifying object lesson.