Wardon College is the sixteenth founded college of the University of Aldergate.

Wardon's reputation as a sort of plain-but-talented sibling to pretty-but-dim Silvan College is one that has endured for centuries, despite being utterly unfair to both of them. Wardies don't seem to mind; in fact, the college has a longstanding tradition of disregard for outward appearances. The current College Head embodies this attitude to an occasionally alarming degree; Big Botha's habit of going about in a disgraceful set of flannel pajamas has made him an unmistakable Aldergate landmark.

History Edit

Chartered at the height of the Wildfire Era of the University's growth, Wardon was initially populated almost exclusively by mathematicians. This sparked particular attention from Henry VII; at a time when black powder weapons were beginning to edge out archers on European battlefields, he foresaw the day when expertise in exterior ballistics would become the key to military superiority. To send a clear signal, Wardon followed in Delora's footsteps by declaring itself a "Peaceable College" and adopting a lozenge escutcheon.

In a mildly ironic turn of events, these days it is the Silvan faculty is far more mathematics-focused, whereas Wardon has long been a premier destination for artists and musicians (and, incidentally, military strategists). One notable alumnus is Edmund Rostand, who immortalized the uniquely self-deprecating - some might say humble-bragging - persona of his college in the protagonist of his magnum opus "Cyrano de Bergerac." Anyone inclined to doubt whether the character of Cyrano was written to represent Wardon has only to stand in front of the college's facade and look up.

Architecture Edit

The most salient feature of Wardon College is Wardon Tower, the three-tiered monstrosity that houses the famous Wardon Carillon. The tower is a popular spot for launches, lunches, and occasional suicides. The colonnaded stairway that spirals around the outside gets quite slick in wet weather, and is barely wide enough to allow two to stand abreast; this has led to precarious games and occasional tragic accidents.

The college complex is Perpendicular Gothic, and similar in style to Curmantle (post-facelift). Where Curmantle is grand and spreading, however, Wardon is vertical. Thanks to Wardon Tower, the college's limited University Place facing is as high as it is wide.

The picture is of the Belfort van Brugge. Not a spectacular likeness; Wardon Tower is octagonal in cross-section, and has the staircase running 'round the outside of it. And the clock-face ought to be right up top, and bigger, and made of frosted glass (or something along those lines) that they light up in different colors when the mood takes them. And there ought to be somebody eating a sandwich out on one of the sticky-out ledges, because people are odd.